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10. - 11. Februar 2017 (Fr - Sa) in Zürich
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Presentation as Infotainment
[Obr.: 4-SEM4.jpg]Dauer: 2-Tage
Land: UK
Land: Schweiz
Trainer: Matthias Pohm
Zeit: 09:00 - 17:00

Preis: 1'900 CHF
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2-day Seminar



Rhetorik-Seminar in Englisch

English Public Speaking Training Seminar course & Workshops in Zürich (Schweiz)


Presentation as Infotainment

Entertainment instead of boredom


Do you think that you can learn how to speak so that people hang on your every word? Matthias Pöhm, former professional speaker and moderator, is convinced that you can present even the driest of topics in a way which makes the audience listen with fascination. Presentation techniques have changed within the past 15 years - entertainment instead of boredom – that's today's motto! You won't succeed without putting on a show. During this unique power public speaking seminar, Matthias Pöhm will show you how to radiate charisma, how to use metaphors effectively and finally, how to trigger fascination.



  • Fillers: 'well', 'um', 'so to speak', etc. and how to eliminate these
  • How to radiate self-confidence despite being nervous
  • Cutting out the waffle and making clear statements
  • How to generate a sense of excitement
  • Comparative figures: how to make an impact with figures and ratios
  • Magnifying glass technique: How to get the most out of any result / point
  • How to convert your arguments into valid financial benefits
  • Why not to use overheads and PowerPoint
  • Overheads and PowerPoint. If you have to use them, then do so to reinforce key messages
  • The 10 aspects of flipcharts which make the difference between pros and amateurs
  • Proclaim rather than explain: How to intone statements in order to trigger emotions
  • How to actively involve the audience
  • The power of rhetoric - getting the message home and establishing yourself as an opinion leader.
  • How to speak eloquently on any topic without preparation
  • Formulating your arguments in images and convincing your audience


This seminar is being presented by M. Pöhm personally

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